Making sure your home is safely and effectively powered

It’s easy to ignore the electrical system in your home or residential property until something goes wrong.

However, it makes sense not to wait until such moments. Like everything else, your homes electrical system will benefit from regular maintenance and attention.

Four important points to consider about your home electrical system

• Both the age and condition of your residential property. Electrical systems do degrade over time – and can become dangerous – so it’s best to have them checked regularly. 

• After moving in to a new home, it’s important to have the system checked, as you don’t know how the previous owners have used – or abused – it. You might also not know how long it was since the system was installed, or checked and maintained.

• As well as the internal systems, it’s also important to check how the power supply enters your home, and any problems that might arise in this area.

• The demand on electrical systems in many homes has increased greatly over the years, as more and more devices such as home theater systems, kitchen appliances, centrail air units, etc. are connected to the system. What was perfectly acceptable before may now be seriously undersized, even dangerous, and not be capable of handling the demand that is expected of it now.

How Brady & Son Electric can help

If your home is in need of a service upgrade, you require key electrical work during a renovation project, or you simply have specific areas of concern, contact us to evaulate your electrical system and discuss possible solutions for your needs to ensure your electrical service is sized and installed properly and most importantly safe.

• Complete Service Upgrades

• Panel Replacements

• Service Cable Replacements

• Meter Socket Replacements

• Sub Panel Installations

• Proper Grounding and Bonding of your electrical service

• Ensuring your system can safely handle increased modern device demands. This is particularly true and very commonly overlooked when undertaking home renovations, such as basement or kitchen remodels, additions, and many other projects, where the existing system simply may not be able to safely support the upgrades or improvements you are making.

Contact us now

If your electrical system hasn’t been inspected and maintained recently, or you have any specific areas of concern, call us at 484-326-1991 or email at [email protected] and let us know how we can help.

Brady & Son Electric – powerful solutions for your homes electrical service!

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