It isn’t just about bringing light to the darkness. Here at Brady & Son Electric, our wide experience of providing different styles and types of lighting, for both indoors and outside, and for a wide range of happy customers in many locations, has made that clear.

Choosing the best lighting option depends on many considerations. As highly experienced electricians, we are always happy to discuss alternatives and offer seasoned advice to help provide you with the most effective answers.

Four key questions about the purpose of your lighting

  • When choosing light, the key is to know exactly how it is to be used, or the effect you want it to provide. We are happy to discuss these and other options:
  • Are you looking for ambient general lighting throughout a room or a home? This will provide a consistent source of standard light in each location.
  • Do you need high quality light for specific tasks? Examples might be in the kitchen for both food preparation and for around the dining table itself. This also works for bedroom areas where you may need a study area or a more relaxed bed lighting for reading, perhaps even gentle night-light.
  • Is the lighting you choose aimed at helping to accent the ambiance of a particular room, corner or other area, or draw attention to a piece of artwork?

Are you looking for lighting to brighten outside areas after darkness falls, or to provide security when people approach your property?

A terrific range of lighting options

Knowing exactly what you wish to achieve with your lighting project leads on to the different possibilities that are available. We are happy to work with you to consider which might suit your needs best.

For indoors:

  • Ceiling mounted
  • Pendant Lights
  • Recessed Lights
  • Track Lighting
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Vanity Lights
  • Sconces

For outdoors:

  • Motion Activated Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Post Lamps
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Walkway and Path Lighting

    Talk to us now about brightening the darkness

    The above, and other options, can help deliver the level and type of light that allows life to function at its best, or adds a touch of drama or style to any location. Our long experience and knowledge helps us to offer practical and unique advice for meeting your specific lighting needs. We know it’s good to talk things through, so the best starting point is to call us at 484-326-1991 or email us at [email protected] for an obligation free in home estimate.

    Brady & Son Electric – offering the brightest solutions for your lighting needs!

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